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PodiatryNET – Web Services for Podiatrists

PodiatryNET – Web Services for Podiatrists

The Hardest Job?

With years of education, many more years’ experience, and with hundreds of patients whose lives have been restored and enhanced, why do podiatrists have to struggle to find new patients? Referrals from other doctors and current patients can help, but to add significant numbers, most podiatrists need something more.

For most podiatrists the problem is simple – Finding patients takes marketing, and marketing takes time.  After a long day treating patients, few doctors have time to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan.

Finding You, Making an Appointment

Potential patients have three main options to learn about your practice:

  1. Referrals from medical professionals or other patients
  2. Your marketing efforts
  3. Self-investigation

For an increasing number, the answer is doing their own investigation. As use of yellow page directories reduces, the more likely answer is internet search. Even those who see your advertising messaging will usually check the web to learn more before calling to set up an appointment.

Internet – The Common Denominator

Most investigative roads lead to the internet. From potential new patients, existing patients thinking about additional medical concerns, even people simply looking for information about pain the ball of the foot, they are all likely to end up on someone’s website. If your site has better information, is more timely, and meets additional criteria, the site they land on first may be yours.

An internet presence is the essential marketing tool:

  • Primary source – New patients often start with a web search when looking for help with their foot problems. If you offer a compelling information-rich site that ranks high with Google and have answers to user queries, prospective patients in your area are likely to find you.
  • Key to more effective advertising – Because a web site is easy to change, you can test new messages for marketing campaigns. The web can also be easily adapted to support specific advertising programs.
  • Adaptable – Marketing programs can let you explore new options… Promote a special toenail fungus treatment service to increase interest or announce a special orthotics promotion.

Whatever your internet presence, from a very basic web service to a complete custom web, PodiatryNET web options can make it more appealing and help new patients find you.


Specializing in web services for podiatry with solutions that range from information pages about medical issues to complete web design and deployment

Podiatry Issues

Over 30 medical issues including descriptions, symptoms, risks, causes and treatment.  Includes treatment customization construct. Podiatry issues is designed for easy integration into an existing web.

  • Patient information on podiatric issues designed for addition to an existing web

Podiatry Issues Finder

Provides easy site visitor access to medical issues with highlighted visible foot, lists of areas of concern. Includes 30+ podiatric issues product.

  • Podiatric issue identification and issue list web pages to add to an existing web service or as part of a new web presence

Complete Web

50+ web pages adaptable to provide a market-leading web presence. Includes podiatric issue identification system, list of 30+ podiatric issues and template pages for core web including contact pages, header/footer material.

  • Create a new web or replace an existing one
  • Develop or hire PodiatryNET to update

Custom Development

Complete web development with page customization and assistance developing video and photographic elements. Using remote link software, we work with you or your developer to create a new web presence.

  • A new WordPress-based web designed for ongoing customization
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