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Marketing for Podiatrists

Marketing is just one of many chores podiatrists face that is far removed from treating patients. For most podiatrists, finding the time or energy to think about marketing options after a long work day is tough.

How do you spend your day?

Treating Patients 55%
Office Administration 35%
Marketing (and everything else) 10%

More Than Finding New Patients

Marketing is often seen as primarily a way to increase revenue by appealing to new patients, but there are other benefits to expanding your practice’s marketing presence:

  1. Keep existing patients up to date with new treatment options
  2. Reestablish contact with patients you haven’t treated lately
  3. Enhance your practice’s perception in the community
  4. Increase understanding of important health and well-being issues

Marketing is still drudge work, but at some point it becomes essential to improving your practice’s results.

Three Marketing Options

The most successful marketing programs tie many options together to overcome consumer skepticism and marketing resistance. But, medical professionals usually end up focusing on a few specific largely uncoordinated options in one or two marketing areas.


If the challenge is adding revenue, an obvious answer is an advertising program to attract new patients

Social Media

Increasing your social media presence can add new options to appeal to potential patients


Increasingly, patients are likely to choose you through information about you they see on the web


Successful marketing plans center on the web. Today, new patients are likely to find out about your practice through a web query. Links from your social media or advertising also lead to your website. With the daily deluge of ads and media competing for their attention, coordinating advertising and social media and integrating them with web messaging is more likely to break through with prospective patients.

PodiatryNET offers options for you to build a new web or to enhance an existing one.

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