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Social Media

Social Media Although not formal advertising, social media can sometimes be more effective than traditional advertising attracting new patients. But, using social media effectively requires planning and consistency.

  • Planning – Posts on orthotics or treating toenail fungus are likely to be fairly frequent because of visitor interest, but should alternate with topics other prospective patients may find useful.
  • Social media posts should be more personal than advertising, first person, with comments and support from patients whenever possible.

Dominance of Facebook Facebook, the most likely option for business to consumer marketing, provides access to a large group in the general public. Although it may be difficult to establish a direct connection to prospective patients, Facebook provides unique marketing opportunities to target individuals geographically and demographically.

The Podiatry Management surveys show a significant change in one type of social media, Facebook. In five years the percentage of podiatrists with a Facebook presence has gone from 32% to 46%.

  • Use of Twitter has gone up as well, but from a much lower base, 10% to 13%.
  • Interest in LinkedIn, focused primarily to business users, has decreased a bit.
  • Instagram use has not been reported.

Making the Most of Social Media

YouTube One option for social connection is to develop YouTube videos or a YouTube channel. Videos can be powerful tools to attract new patients or tell existing patients about other services, but it’s not always easy to find them directly, which means for maximum effectiveness, they need to be cross-promoted through other marketing messaging.

Unique Advertising Option Facebook advertising programs are very different from other marketing options. By providing precise demographic controls it is possible to tailor messaging for each target patient profile. Example – Toenail fungus treatment can use different messaging for males/females, and different specific appeals as well. It’s expensive on a cost per impression basis, BUT can be more effective in reaching very specific demographics.

Internet Basing is Key

If you have a Facebook or other social media presence, cross-promoting through the internet is a powerful tool for reinforcing messages and updating look and feel. Although some may call and ask for an appointment immediately, today patients are likely to first look for more information about you and your practice.

PodiatryNET offers options for you to build a new web or to enhance an existing one.

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