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Web Content Management

A Content Management System (CMS) is essential for developing webs with many pages and useful for all web development. A CMS manages overall site appearance and oversees linkages between pages.

With a CMS:

  • Links between pages are automatically updated, so that if a page is changed or a new page added, relationships are preserved.
  • Style is more consistent, and the appearance of related pages can be updated without having to update them individually.
  • New features and functions can be added by multiple developers.
  • Includes revision control – Roll back pages to earlier versions as needed.


WordPress, the CMS behind PodiatryNET, is the world’s most popular content management system proven in websites worldwide, with thousands of trained developers.

The complete PodiatryNET web includes:

  • A powerful template that features several style elements including carousels for showcasing several different points in a rolling display, easily configurable header and footer blocks
  • Option to include social media including a live feed from Instagram with the latest posts
  • Management of site images
  • Automatic indexing service for easy visitor access to specific pages
  • Simplified editor for easy updates by you or your staff after the site is active
  • Video inclusion options
  • Automatic format optimization for mobile and tablet in addition to multiple resolution PC
  • Instant reset of menu items for all pages
  • Modules for adding blogging, auto-updating customer comments
  • Style updates that impact all, or a selected set of pages

Sample pages support all major areas of functionality

Is CMS essential to web development?

Although it is possible to develop a simple web using basic web tools, as the number of pages increases, a CMS is essential for effective web development. Content management makes it possible to easily add or update pages, and makes it possible to increase inter-page links and enforce style consistency.

How hard is it to find WordPress developers?

Developers are easy to find, but with the basic support of the PodiatryNET template, most changes may require little or no new development, only site editing.

Developers to change the overall structure and features of a web could cost an average of $50/hour, but site editors to modify or add content, are much less costly.

Can I add more pages? How?

With a CMS, adding new pages to PodiatryNET is very easy. The easiest option is to copy an existing page that has some of the same layout options you would like to see on the new page, rename the page and replace the content, including images and even video, and publish. Remember to include links to other pages and update SEO fields. To make the page accessible throughout the web, modify the menu system to include the new page.

How does WordPress compare to other CMS options?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.

  • 30% of the world’s top 10,000 websites and 27.5% of websites overall are based on WordPress
  • WordPress provides 60% of content management systems
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