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Issue Finder

Issue Finder

Requires WordPress base

When people search the internet for answers to questions that involve feet, they often may not know what medical issue affects them. “Find an Issue” from PodiatryNET makes it easy for visitors to identify possible medical issues based on

  1. A general category such as “Diabetic foot”, “Injury”, “Disease”, “Skin problem”, etc.
  2. Or, pointing to a specific area of the foot to see what medical issues related to the ball of the foot, the toes, or an ankle.

“Find an Issue” can be combined with “Medical issues” for a single low price.

With six category selector buttons and five different areas of the foot to select, visitors see a selection of options with brief descriptions and links to the full medical issues pages.

  • Athlete’s Foot – Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a fungal infection that often begins as a common skin inflammation in the webs of the toes or soles of the feet.
  • Crossover Toe – Crossover toe occurs when a toe or multiple toes are positioned over another toe.  In most cases, it’s the second toe that crosses over the big toe.

Two Products, One Purpose

Find an Issue is the companion product that makes it easier for web visitors to find possible causes, symptoms, and treatment options for Medical Issues.


Find an Issue is implemented using buttons and a graphic capability based on WordPress extensions. Both extensions and the blue graphic are supplied with the Find an Issue product.

If you use another CMS (Content Management System) contact us to discuss options for porting the system.


Is it easy to add “Find an Issue” to an existing web?

For WordPress-based webs, the work required is minimal. The system is supplied twelve pages, the base Find an Issue and eleven overlay pages. Choose how to make the basic page accessible and provide links to the specific fan-out/individual Find an Issue pages. Then, link the specific issues pages for each fan-out.

Could I add “Find an Issue” without the “Medical Issues” system?

Yes.  If your site has a natural language search option, patients can search for specific concerns and results will return links to appropriate issue pages.

But, the Find an Issue product is only available with Medical Issues pages since each “Find” page needs to link to specific medical issues.

Can other links be added to the basic “Find an Issue” page and the fan-out pages?

Because there is so much content in the Medical Issues section and the fan-out pages directly reference specific Medical Issues pages, we don’t support this option currently. If you have a specific need, this decision could be revisited.

If I already have “Medical Issues” can I add “Find an Issue”?

Yes, although the current product is only designed for WordPress installations. Contact PodiatryNET for pricing and availability.

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