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Web Products/Services for Podiatrists

PodiatryNET is a customizable podiatry practice website template that combines podiatry web content with aesthetic elements drawn from websites specializing in medical treatment, comfort and relaxation. The complete PodiatryNET product provides an appealing environment with content designed to attract new patients and encourage existing ones to return. The complete PodiatryNET web includes Medical Issues/Find an Issue, products that can be separately added to existing podiatry websites.  Medical Issues features more than 30 pages incorporating descriptions of each issue along with  symptoms, risk factors, causes, treatment options and an optional illustrative image. Find an Issue is an add-on capability to help site visitors identify issues.

What Are Your Internet Marketing Objectives?

  • Update/refresh my web presence with new information, multi-media
  • Attract more patients
  • Re-engage with inactive patients
  • Provide additional information for current patients
  • Develop special landing pages for social media or advertising
  • Develop/test new marketing/messaging options

PodiatryNET If you don’t currently have your own website or your current web options aren’t generating enough patient appointments, a new web could be the answer.

Medical Issues products – If you already have a web, you can expand your web’s reach by adding 30+ medical issues pages to attract patients with information answering specific questions about possible foot and ankle problems.

  • Learn More about Podiatric Issues product options with descriptions of over 30 medical issues
  • Learn More about Issue Finder, an add-on tool that makes it easier for site visitors to identify possible podiatric issues
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