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Importance of Describing Treatment

Web pages that describe podiatric treatment are one of the best options to reduce patient concerns and differentiate your practice. Including answers to frequently asked patient questions about treatment is more likely to lead to a new patient setting up an appointment.

Patients may ask:

  • What does a specific treatment involve?
  • How long does it take?
  • Is one doctor’s treatment different from any other?
  • What do patients say about this doctor’s treatment?

The reference website includes six treatment areas

  1. General Treatment
  2. Skin and Nail Care
  3. Surgical Treatment
  4. Orthotics
  5. Laser OPTIONAL
  6. Special OPTIONAL

For each area, there’s a description, some pictures and video clips.  It’s also a good idea to offer patient testimonials.

PodiatryNET includes several options to help site visitors find pages on the site describing different broad treatment options:

  • Services A main menu item has drop down links to the main treatment pages
  • Carousel The home page includes a series of panels linked to specific pages describing areas of treatment that rotate automatically on screens that can’t show them all at once.
  • Medical Issue Tie-ins Each of the medical issues pages includes options for links to specific treatments.

Home Page Treatment Carousel

Medical Issue Tie-In

The Medical Issues section of PodiatryNET offers additional opportunities to describe treatment options for interested site visitors.

  1. Classic “textbook” treatment, part of the medical issue itself
  2. Individual practice emphasis
  3. Links to relevant core treatment pages – These are the main treatment pages site visitors are likely to encounter.

Individual Practice Emphasis Each medical issue web page can include additional specific treatment descriptions for the issue, with specific images, videos, or even links to other specific treatment web pages. (Example – Toenail fungus treatment is likely to merit a special page with videos, etc.)

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