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PodiatryNET Service

PodiatryNET web products were designed for easy use by podiatrists and site developers whether

  • Adding Medical Issues to an existing web
  • Developing a new web based on PodiatryNET

All PodiatryNET products include email support with an option for conference calls and interactive support. The medical issues products include information on how to incorporate new content into existing web pages and the full PodiatryNET product includes technical consultation. Complete PodiatryNET implementation is an option for podiatrists who don’t have a developer.¬†Additional technical and operational support is available for all products.

The full PodiatryNET product includes

  1. Introduction to the product and information about implementation
  2. Project start-up page planning with a checklist for likely content changes
  3. “Shot sheet” – Photographic/video needs on a page by page basis for products that require adaptation

PodiatryNET Web Customization

Also available, a complete replacement web service from PodiatryNET developers – If you don’t currently have a web or want to replace your current web, we offer a custom service to assess your specific objectives and requirements, propose a plan to develop a replacement.


What’s included with email support?

Email support is a way to provide answers to most questions from doctors or developers. We respond by email or phone within three business days.

Is remote support available for the Medical Issues product?

Yes, we offer an optional review service to review your plans for adding medical issues to your web.

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