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New Support Model

Support That’s Better Than Local

Remote support is available for any PodiatryNET purchase. But, isn’t a local developer with face to face meetings a better option? Over the past two years we discovered that onsite meetings are not as helpful as we thought. During the development of the first PodiatryNET implementation, we confirmed that trying to schedule time to meet with a doctor is difficult, even when the doctor is close by:

  • Interruptions – Of course patients come first and business interruptions can often prevent full engagement, meaning that web developer time is not effectively used.
  • Productivity – If face to face meetings, looking over the shoulders of a developer working on a laptop is challenging. Skype’s desktop sharing feature lets doctors see changes as they are made on their own screen from the developer’s PC while sitting at their desks. It’s fast and can be interrupted as needed.

Three hour difference? If you are concerned about scheduling meetings with west coast developers, calls at 10 AM east coast time (or even earlier) are possible.


How long are Skype meetings?

For quick fixes or single page modifications, 15 or 30-minute segments work well. One hour seems to be optimal for reviews of multiple issues or pages. Longer meetings, over an hour, may not be as productive.

How does PodiatryNET use Skype?

You select a day/time. We send a calendar invitation. When it’s time for the call, selecting a link inside the invitation activates the conference, audio (and optional video).  Using the screen sharing feature, lists of specific issues or PodiatryNET screens can be reviewed along with any edits made during the call.

Can a doctor take calls during a conference?

Yes. Simply mute the conference (on the PC) to ensure privacy. “Unmute” the audio to resume the call.

Is my PC secure?

Yes. Skype calls do not make your PC’s content accessible to the conference initiator.

When are the best times for a call?

Our main concern is your busy schedule. In developing the initial site we discovered that meetings seem to work better during lunch, after hours or when there is a likely gap in the daily schedule. Weekends have also proven to be a good option.

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